Inspection Services & Certification

ABIHC Group Services is extending their services to the Industry, Manufacturing and Service Sector with the aim to enhance the quality of products and services, through education, qualification of personnel to enhance skill and competence, calibration of measuring equipment, inspection and testing including safety, energy, corrosion and environmental audits. ABIHC is providing these services for oil & gas industries and allied industries through their collaboration with specialized technologies Group Company of “International Certification Services”.

ABIHC Control quantity and quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets with our world-leading inspection partners and verification services. We provide worldwide, services and our core services can be divided into four main categories includes Testing, Inspections, and Certification Quality Assurance Expertise is dedicated to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of quality.

Delivering proven knowledge-based solutions to ensure quality assurance and safety in every part of the oil and gas industry.AIBHC Group offers a comprehensive range of services to support and optimize your business. AIBHC Group offers a variety of services to manage greenhouse gas emissions and assist you in your ventures to en Assuring safety and lowest environmental impact are at the core of the services we deliver.

The modern world would be nothing without the predictable and reliable production, distribution and supply of power. The power industry is multi-faceted and diverse, comprising a wide range of disciplines and processes. Tar the renewable energy space.

ABIHC Group is committed to creating greater value for our customers and to continually improve project performances through the application of the highest international standards. Measuring customer satisfaction, the reduction of non-conformities and achieving the State quality objectives are some of the key measurable targets that our organization deems to be of the highest importance. The quality policies are explained and discussed during general orientation meetings to ensure that they are understood and implemented at all levels of the organization’s and consultancy services.