H.S.E-Q Providing Services & Procurements

AIBHC provides Technical Competence and a Wide Scope of Services through its partners and is the region based leading Training, Certification, Inspection and Technical Services provider operating in North Africa, Europe, Middle East & Asia having a pool of experienced Professionals and Sector Experts around the Globe. AIBHC support clients to manage their exposure to risk, Comply with the latest legislation, Improve business performance and encourage workforce engagement. Customers choose AIBHC for the considerable industry experience, sector specialisms and the breadth of support provided through AIBHC Professionals.

AIBHC Group offers HSE Services through its Italian partners that are leading providers of specific HSE Services in compliance with the Italian Laws. The main HSE services provided in onshore and offshore sites are those according to Law 624/96, such as Site Surveillance Services, HSE Advisors and HSE Site Managers, as well as those according to Law 81/2008 (Titolo IV), with a series of roles specifically identified, from HSE project coordination both during the design and the operation phases, HSE project management and HSE advisors and experts (CSE, CSP, RL, DL). This has developed throughout the company a deep knowledge and awareness of health and safety matters and of the importance of environmental protection.

Where the continuous training of its personnel has always been a great focus of Expertise, the provision of HSE Services has strengthened and broadened this sector of the company, so much so that we can provide training of Client’s personnel where required. The training is carried out on-the-job, internally, through webinars or through classroom training and it is at the basis of the development of our personnel local to those countries where we operate, to enrich and specialize our local content.