Power Generation & Renewable Energy

AIBHC Group works to support energy and power production, providing safe, high quality engineering, construction and maintenance services that drive operational efficiency and support continuous improvement across Libya and extending the business to North Africa. From refineries and industrial plants, renewable energy fields to power generating facilities, you’ll find AIBHC Group hard at work.

AIBHC Group innovative approach to project management and services delivery results in lower costs and higher productivity, and our long term relationships with much of the utility market for years provides proof of our consistent results.

AIBHC Group extensive experience managing projects from the simple to complex, coupled with highly skilled technical, professional and craft labor, offers you depth of experience in delivering your operational needs, safely, and in the most efficient and effective manner creating a true partnership in supporting the achievement of your strategic goals.

AIBHC Group provides customized solutions adapted to the needs that arise within the supply chain. Our unique platform allows for a thorough follow-up that leads to superb trade compliance, supplier management, the thorough review of all costs, the tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s and the detection of any inefficiency in the supply chain. Through the collaboration with our strong network of Global Partners and Agents, we provide solutions to cover a wide range of services adapted to the commercial requirements for each of our clients. AIBHC Group services cover the entire life cycle of the Oil & Gas and Energy industry, covering each stage of operations to enable a more fluid, efficient and effective Supply Chain for our customers.