Water Treatment & STP Operations

  • AIBHC Group STP and water technologies Services developing, implementing and studying electricity projects and control systems for water and sewage plants. AIBHC Group Engineers field of specialization: SIEMENS Automation & Drives Systems As a result of their continuous work over many years with customers in the field of providing reliable solutions for the control and operation of STP.
    • AIBHC Group has accumulated and extensive experience in this field.
    • Using the latest technologies in the field of measurement and automation.
    • Preparing studies of electricity and control systems based on the customer’s requirements.
    • Innovative methods for measurement and automation in water and wastewater plants.

    Based on the extensive experience in dealing with equipment manufactured by specialized international companies, AIBHC Group provide measurement and automation systems for the following applications.

    • Pumping and lifting stations.
    • Wastewater treatment plants.
    • Distribution and measurement of potable water.
    • Distribution and measurement of industrial usage water
    • Distribution and measurement of irrigation water.
    • Purification and treatment plants.

    Control systems using PLC programmed controllers.

    • Extensive experience in PLC, SCADA, and RTU control systems.
    • Central and distributed control systems.
    • Supported transmission media (wired, wireless, optical).
    • Documented transfer protocols. Ethernet, ProfiBus, ModBus, CanOpen, …
    • PLC systems from international companies Siemens, Schneider-Electric, Omron,
    • Extensive experience in the field of design, programming and operation.
    • Modern control systems for flexible operation, monitoring and maintenance of facilities.
    • Advanced computer control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).
    • Collect, display and process information in real time while modifying operating parameters.
    • Experience in control systems like SIEMENS, Schneider Electric, Omron, Rockwell AB and ABB.
    • Upgrading of SIMATIC S5 PLC for main water station with new modern SIMATIC S7-1200.
    • Performing all required works Software programming & Hardware installations.
    • Full design, assembly, commissioning & operation of water chlorine unit in water pumps station.
    • Full design, assembly, commissioning & operation of Water Booster Pump Set, Vertical Pumps.
    • Commissioning & startup of “Sewage Water Station”
    • Retrofitting of the LV panels for Water Pump Station