Electrical Industries & Works

AIBHC Group is a collective of Partners, brands and companies with the shared aim of bringing added value to all players in the electrical sector. Behind each of our achievements, each of our successes, there is a collective intelligence of professionals passionately committed to customer service. Driven by a shared momentum, AIBHC actively listen to the needs of our industry, all over the world. It rise to society’s challenges; here AIBHC anticipate its customers and clients’ expectations and respond with innovative, high value-added solutions. Through teamwork, we move in sync, faster and further, to provide the best possible customer experience with the heist standard level of services. AIBHC Group has always made inclusion self-evident by welcoming the diversity of AIBHC customers and AIBHC co-workers and by considering it as strength and an opportunity.

AIBHC Group Electrical Industries provides installations. Maintenance and securing of installations guarantees long-term performance. Petrochemical plants, water treatment units and pumping stations ,cement industries and oil and gas fields on-shore or off-shore installations, infrastructures … The needs for electrical installations are as varied as the industries themselves. They require specific solutions that are sustainable, hygienic and secure, in accordance with the regulatory obligations of each business sector. AIBHC electrical industrial solutions and services are designed to ensure long-term competitiveness for industry.

AIBHC Group has a dedicated team of experienced engineers and technicians who provide support and complete technical competence to customer and clients for installation of all kind of LV & MV Panels testing and LV/MV Commissioning of electrical systems. AIBHC Engineers are proficient in the management and evaluation of the technical aspects of electrical commissioning. AIBHC ensure that the client is having an optimized system in accordance with the LV panel installation. AIBHC Group Electrical Servicing is able to ensure comprehensive commissioning to ensure that the customer gets the most effective use of their system. Some of our commissioning services include:

  • Setting up device parameters for motor starters, circuit breakers & feeders
  • Operational devices for motor starters, circuit breakers & feeders
  • Serial communication analysis to DCS & SCADA (including Cabling & Communications Check)
  • Secondary Injection tests and Relay Protection
  • CT Polarity Tests, Function Tests and Support for technical competency

AIBHC Group Electrical Industries Equipment’s provides transformation cabin servicing which is a transportable compact shelter, suitable for secondary distribution grid with ring configuration and remotely controlled. The short assembly and construction phases in the factory allow a quick installation on site.


The skid solution is a prefabricated plug-in compact substation, designed to elevate energy from PV plants to elevating substations, equipped with power distribution components:

  • Medium voltage switchgear – up to 40.5 kV
  • Oil-type transformer – up to 10000kVA
  • Low voltage switchboard
  • Automation system for the control and supervision
  • Inverter, bus duct, auxiliary equipment


The Kiosk solution is a prefabricated plug-in compact substation, equipped with power distribution components:

  • Medium voltage switchgear – up to 40.5 kV
  • Dry-type transformer – up to 5000kVA
  • Low voltage switchboard
  • Automation system for the control and supervision
  • Inverter, bus duct, auxiliary equipment


High-voltage (HV) and medium-voltage (MV) electrical substations are a complete turn-key solution, designed tailor-made for our Customer, thanks to. AIBHC Engineers know-how and worldwide experience we can create a perfect solution for each type of request and propose engineering solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. AIBHC Engineers take the responsibility for whole project, from the analysis of the request to study the best solution up to commissioning and hand-over to the Customer.


AIBHC Engineers offers retrofit solution is an energy requalification work of electric production and distribution plants. Implementing new features and technologies, those devices that are proved to be obsolete in terms of the expected performance level can be changed both in terms of appearance and configuration in order to guarantee the optimal functioning of the plant.


AIBHC Engineers provides SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solution is a control system that allows monitoring and supervision of electrical substations, through remote control. Furthermore, thanks to data acquisition, it permits to early detect possible anomalies, avoiding service interruptions and disconnections. AIBHC Group solutions ensure full integration with Smart Grid applications, granting concrete energy efficiency.